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Bed Bug Plan Could Become Reality in New Jersey Under Proposed Bill
From February 7, 2011 Cliffview News, by Jerry DeMarco

The state Senate Health Committee unanimously approved a bill that would require healthcare and residential facilities to have a bed bug maintenance plan in place with a licensed exterminator.

"Any facility where people stay overnight should have a plan in place, ready to be carried out at a moments notice should bed bugs be discovered," said state Senator Robert Singer (R-Ocean), who sponsored the measure, which now goes to the full Senate for a vote.

"Bed bugs are a formidable pest problem that must be dealt with swiftly and efficiently," Singer said. "Senior citizens, hospital patients and tourists throughout New Jersey all have a right to know that the bed they are sleeping in is clean, safe and free of bed bugs.

"It is in everyone's best interest to have a comprehensive plan in place to keep people safe."